Bright Horizons: Preschool & Kindergarten Prep Showcase

Bright Horizons, Bright Horizons: Curriculum Night Experience for Toddlers and p

The Bright Horizons curriculum, The World at Their Fingertips®, is uniquely designed to inspire, engage, and encourage children to be active learners. Join Bright Horizons for their Kindergarten Prep and Preschool Showcase events the week of February 9-13. These events will provide you with an overview of the curriculum through STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) classroom activities and interactions with staff and other families.

In addition to seeing the curriculum in action, this event will allow you to:

  • Share in the learning with teachers
  • Explore classrooms
  • Meet with current Bright Horizons families

Who should attend?

  • A Toddler parent who would like to learn more about the Preschool program
  • A Preschool parent looking to learn more about the Kindergarten Prep program
  • Families interested in talking to area parents about their Bright Horizons preschool experience and the move to elementary school
  • Families looking for an understanding of what their child is learning at this stage and how to continue the learning at home

To learn more about Bright Horizons curriculum, check out the Curriculum Guide:

This event is open to adults and children, walk-in's welcome, and no need to RSVP. Click here to find an event near you: